Proofreading Services

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A-Presto’s proofreading charges are

a penny a word.

Costs are then rounded up to the nearest pound and £1 is added to cover administration costs.

For example:
A document of 5,000 words would cost a minimum of £51;
A document of 10000 words would cost a minimum of £101;
A document of 15000 words would cost a minimum of £151.

Service Details

If the word count requires a separation of the text to another document, then £1 will be added to each invoice for this customer, so regular customers will only pay once in each charging period.

Documents to be proofread using American English will cost an extra £1 (for the crosschecking required).

If required by your academic institution, A-Presto can send you a Certificate of Proofreading/Editing. The fee for this certificate is £5.


At a fee of a penny per word in the original document, A-Presto will reduce text if requested. However, if A-Presto have already proofread this document at the standard price, this charge will only be 0.5 pence a word in the original document.

PayPal payments can be made to, although there will be a 6% surcharge to cover PayPal’s fees.