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“Dear Roy, I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional proofreading service you provided for my manuscript. Your attention to detail and commitment to ensuring the accuracy and professionalism of the content have truly impressed me. The revisions and suggestions you made have undoubtedly improved the quality of the manuscript, and I am confident that it is now in its best form for submission to the AGBA Journal. Your expertise and dedication to your work are commendable, and I am genuinely grateful for your valuable contribution to this project. Once again, thank you for your outstanding work, Roy. Your support has been instrumental in preparing the manuscript, and I am truly appreciative of your efforts. Wishing you continued success and looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with A-Presto Proofreading Services in the future. Best regards.”

Hoang-Hien Pham, Business School Lecturer, Eastern International University, July 2023.

“Thank you, Roy. My last paper entitled “Understanding the influence of user adaptation on the continuance intention towards ride-hailing services: the perspective of management support”, which you proofread, has been accepted by Inderscience Publishers.”

Do, Nguyễn Tất Thành University, Vietnam, November, 2022.

“Dear Roy, Thank you very much for your very quick service. I like it so much. I have received all documents sent by you. I am very happy to work with you. Once again, thank you and kind regards,”

Nhi, Researcher, August 2022.

“Dear Roy, It’s great to get the work from your nice support and I’m really appreciative of your dedication in my first work. I’ve known about your service for a long time since I was a student in the UK in 2014 and also joined many groups of academic students/ PhD programs. Many years ago, I told my friends in Vietnam about A-Presto and a lot of them used your service until now. Some of them are waiting for your work now, lol. Thank you very much for everything. I will see you soon in many upcoming papers.
Best regards from Vietnam,”

Thanh Nguyen, Marketing Lecturer, BBS


“Dear Roy, A-Presto Proofreading Services, I am very happy with your good quality of proofreading services for my manuscripts in the year 2020, 2021 and up to now. You have provided good service to me and I always believe in your good work of English editing and Proofreading for the best journals. Thank you so much,”

Le Thanh Tiep (Ph.D) – Lecturer, Faculty of EconomicsHo Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance (UEF)

“Hi Roy, I am glad to inform you that your proofreading of my paper for the SAGE Open was published online on Jan 02, 2022. SAGE is one of the well-known publishers and SAGE Open is the ISI-indexed journal. Thank you, Roy, for all of that. I am very happy and feel confident working with you.”

Do Giang, Nguyễn Tất Thành University, Vietnam, February 2022.

“Wow Roy, you did it! I couldn’t have done this without you. You’ve spotted typos and errors that no-one else has! You’ve worked incredibly hard and I really appreciate everything you’ve done on my behalf.
Many, many thanks for all your hard work,”

Carolyn Lewis, Author, January 2022

“Thank you, Roy, for assisting me with my assignment. The work is excellent. I appreciate all that you have done to support me tremendously, and I definitely shall highly recommend you. Kind regards,”

Laphene Graham, Canterbury Christ Church University, July 2021.

“Hi Roy, Thanks for all your hard work; the Bristol report is finalised. We will be asking for more of your help within the coming month. Hope you will be around. Best,”

Ruzanna Chitchyan, EnergyREV LEAD for the National Skills Needs Assessment, University of Bristol, June 2021.

“Hi Roy, Thank you for your work of proofreading my paper.  This is excellent work. Thank you. You did a perfect job for me.”

Do, Nguyễn Tất Thành University, Vietnam, June 2021

“Thanks again Roy for your excellent work and we will get back to you soon! Best regards,”

Siska Vergauwe, Management Assistant, Happonomy, March 2021.

“Roy, you are a genius!!!! You are soooo talented. Many, many, many thanks.”

Veronica Ximena Cobo-Santillan, Lawyer and Doctor in Jurisprudence, February 2021.

“Roy is an excellent proofreader. I have been using his services for nearly two years. Most of my academic papers have been proofread by Roy, and thanks to the help of his proofreading service, my papers are now grammatically and linguistically sound, as well as free from typographical and layout issues. They have eventually been published in well-recognised Economics/Finance journals (2-3* Academic Journal Guide). Roy  always pays great attention to detail. In addition, he is very helpful. He adds comments whenever he can to help me to improve my writing. I will definitely keep using his service in the future.”

Mr Hiep Ngoc Luu, Researcher, Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance, School of Management, University of St Andrews, Fife, February 2021.”

“Thank you so much Roy! I really appreciate your help. I will get back to you for other assignments.”

Ha Minh Tri (Ph.D), Vice Dean, School of Business, Vietnam National University-HCMC, January 2021.

“Thanks for your excellent work. I have paid the bill through bank transfer. Thanks again and have a nice day.  Best,”

Xuhui, University of Surrey, July 2020.

“I’ve just read your proofreading, and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. I can’t even express to you how much this book means to me and that last email was truly brilliant. You’ve made my day. I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now. You’re a hard working guy. Thank you for always fitting in my work, even when you’re busy. You are so kind and I truly appreciate your hard work. It shows how devoted to it you really are. Thank you for everything. It’s such a joy working with you.  Regards,”

Gianna, April 2020.

“Dear Roy,  My dissertation mark was a distinction and I also achieved a Master’s degree with a distinction.Thank you very much for the excellent proofreading work back in September. Best wishes,”

Siliang, November 2019.

“Hi Roy, Good news! Today I got the result of my dissertation. I got a distinction! This is the result I wanted so badly. Thank you so much!”

Shanshan Fu, University of Bristol, December 2018.

“Hi Roy, I just wanted to say thank you for the proofreading you did for me; you have done another wonderful job. It was excellent as always and I will be in touch soon with more work. Kind regards,”

Nicola Rich AD.Dip CP, MNCS (Acc),,, May 2018.

“Dear Roy, Thanks for the 59 documents. Your work is excellent! Many thanks. Best regards,”

Lala, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia, April 2018.

“Thank you so much! I just looked through the thesis and it’s great! I definitely would recommend you to my friends!”

Xiaoxi Yu, University of Sheffield, January 2018.

“Thank you once again for your hard work. I am really pleased with the outcome. Kind regards,”

Nicola Rich AD.Dip CP, MNCS (Acc),, September 2017.

“Thanks so much for this! I really appreciate it.”

Karianne Knezevic,, July 2017.

“That’s great. Thank you once again for your help and time. Kind Regards,”

Emma Hine, PA for Nicola Rich, Founder of Nine To Thrive, July 2017.

“Thanks for your proofreading for me. Because I went straight back to China last year, I forgot to tell you that I passed the dissertation. I feel really grateful for your help. Without your help, I do not think I would have passed it successfully. I will recommend you to my friends and we will keep in touch. Many thanks!”

Mo Nan, University of Bristol, June 2017.

“Your work is excellent and brilliant,I will introduce you to those who plan to go abroad.”

Yajian Gao, June 2017.

“Thank you so much for your hard work in editing and proofreading this novel. Of all the services I could have selected to work on this novel, it was my very good fortune to pick yours.”

Nick Higgins, November 2016.

“Thank you so much Roy! I honesty wish I had done business with you from the start of my academic year. The document was perfect and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.”

Aquillina Ndungwani, August 2016.

“I’m very satisfied  with the proofreading done. Roy did an amazing job, I would recommend his services to anyone! He is very kind, professional and reliable. Thank you again for your good service!”

Mia, student at Université libre de Bruxelles, July 2016.

“Thanks a lot Roy. As always, this is fantastic!”

Alvaro Cobo, Professional,  April 2016.

“Roy is a very professional proofreader and I would recommend his services to anyone. Always very polite and reliable. I found his services to be very prompt and of excellent quality. Thank you!”

Francesca Meloni, ‘Leading the Way’, April 2016.

“Thank you for the first part, it is fantastic!  I will send you the next part as soon as I can.”

Lee, March 2016.”

“Thanks for your hard work, Roy! Perfect.”

Yan引用, University of Bath, September 2015.

“Hi Roy, Thanks so much for proofreading this article right away. Great work! I can now publish this it on our website.”

Karianne Knezevic, Happonomy, September 2015.

“Hello Roy , Your service was fast and reliable. Thanks a lot , I received the work on time and I appreciate your help. Best Regards.”

Abdulaziz Alangari, Aug 2015.

“I would like to thank you, Roy, for all your support. It has been really important to me to have your help. Thanks. I mean it.”

Pablo Dávila Jaramillo, University of Edinburgh, Aug 2015

“Thank you, Roy. You are a very careful proofreader.”

Tsung-Hsing Ho, University of Southampton, June 2015.


“The articles on the website of our nonprofit organisation are written by people who are passionate about changing the world, but most of us are not native English speakers so having someone like Roy proofread our work is very important to us. Roy does an excellent job, he has a great eye for detail and makes sure that our articles are error free and easy to read. He is a very pleasant person to work with and I would recommend him to other companies and organisations as well.”

Karianne Knezevic, Happonomy, June 2015. 

“Hi Roy, Thank you for my new and improved CV. I will implement your suggestions regarding hobbies and references. Many thanks.”

Leon Ferron, Assistant Site Manager at Keepmoat Homes, June 2015.

“I am very impressed with your work and how you have formatted my poems.”

From Nigel Jordan, Owner of SASHA Project Ltd , May 2015.

“Roy, thanks a lot. You  did a superb job!”

From Navaneethakrishan Kengatharan, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, April 2015.

“A-Presto offers professional service. I recommend 100%.”

From Ana Silva Alva, South Bristol Skills Academy, April 2015.


Feb 2015: “Hi I am very interested in taking up your services, I am currently writing my dissertation and would just like to know in more depth what you could do to help ensure my grammar and punctuation is OK as that is what always slips up my grade.”

April 2015: “The day has finally arrived. Goodbye dissertation! Thank you so much, Roy; I really appreciate it and couldn’t have done it without you!”

From Abbie Jolly, Bath Spa University, 2015.

“The following link is the book review on the Huffington Post by Robert Bradley:   It’s fantastic and much better than I could have wished for. Thank you again for all your hard work. The book wouldn’t have got to where it is without it.” -From Nick Higgins, Author of Rhino Hunt, Plymouth.      

“Dear Roy, I am super happy with the work! Thank you so much for all the effort in proofreading the documents in a short notice of time; you have done amazingly!” – From Mariana Espinosa Estrada, PhD Student, University of Edinburgh.

“Un millón de gracias Roy!!!!. You are the best.”

From Alvaro Cobo, Sociologist, Ecuador.

“Very helpful. A-Presto have re-structured my CV and it is perfect now.”

From Geraldine Walsh, Office Administrator, Bristol.”

“It’s really great, Roy. I really liked your work….Thank you 🙂 ”

From Sarmad Abbassi, Student at University of Wales, Newport.

“A-Presto provide a professional service for proofreading. I used them for my first novel in February 2013. They are quick and efficient, giving a first class service. Thank you A-Presto.”

From Anne Jacobs, Author.“

“Everything’s OK. Thank you very much for your help.”

From Yiqiang Wang, PhD Student, University of Bristol, 2015.

“I checked it already, everything’s OK. Thank you very much for your help.”

From Yam Dechkigvigrom, PhD Student, University of Coventry.

” Thank you very much for your great service. Your services are the best!”

From Petch Watcharaphon, PhD Student, University of Coventry.

” Thank you for correcting my work !!!, I appreciate that. I am very happy with the work and hope we will work together again.”

From Porntep Srima, PhD Student, University of Coventry

“Roy’s services are excellent. He helped me to detect and correct grammar errors in my texts, and also with the formal presentation and style of my essays in a consistent and accurate manner. In my case, I had very tight deadlines and Roy gave me not only his professional knowledge but also his commitment to getting everything done on time. I want to thank Roy for everything and I strongly recommend A-Presto to anyone who wants to improve the quality of his/her work or needs to proofread academic work in an efficient way and in fair conditions. I will continue working with Roy during my master studies in the UK.”

From Pablo Davila, Student, University of Edinburgh. 

” I appreciate your hard work. Thank you so much for that.”

From Haitham Alzoubi, PhD Student, University College London.

“A-Presto are English and articulate, their thoroughness and attention to detail will ensure total satisfaction.”

From Dr Hardy Ford, former tutor at the University of Exeter.

“I finished a Master’s degree in Environment and Development (University of London) and at the moment I am a full-time PhD student in Law (University of Oxford).I am a native Spanish speaker and I am still struggling with my English skills, in part because my degree demands a precise and accurate use of the language.I have requested that A-Presto proof-read the majority of my papers. They included specialised essays in development studies, ethics, law, business and politics that I had to submit for my Masters degree including my final dissertation. The service provided by this company was extraordinary. They didn’t just check grammar and spelling mistakes in my papers; they also revised the structure and presentation of my academic work. Moreover, the team of A-Presto was extremely punctual in returning my documents corrected and that fact was a big help for me since I have very tight deadlines. I can assure you that A-Presto’s work is very professional and that they sympathise with their client’s causes. The fee they request is very competitive (actually the cheapest I have found), easy to calculate, with no hidden costs or other charges.I am in the middle of my PhD and I constantly ask A-Presto for their assistance for my papers. I will definitely ask for their support for my final thesis”.

From Veronica Cobo, PhD student, University of Oxford. 

“I hold two degrees, a BA Honours degree in Politics, from the University of West Of England in 1999, and another in Law & Political Sciences, from the Central University of Ecuador in 1990. Due to family commitments (while looking after three young children), I did not return to the job market for a number of years. I found it difficult to get into regular employment, even though I had plenty of experience in the educational and voluntary sector. The highest hurdle had been to get an interview, until I was helped by A-Presto. Due to their professional help, by checking my CV, personal statements and application forms, I was not only invited for an interview; I got the job as a Project Worker for the Children’s Society. Sadly, due to lack of funding I was made redundant and I could not find long term employment for two years after this. I decided to use A-Presto’s services again and was finally offered an interview, leading to a job as a Spanish Language Assistant at a prestigious secondary school.I believe that, no matter how skilled or experienced I was, without the professional help of A-Presto, my CV, personal statements and application forms could not have had the extra edge of English perfection to compete in the harsh job market”.

From Maria Dunn BA (Hons) Spanish Support Assistant.

“In 2005, I undertook a qualification in Management with the Chartered Institute of Management. With A-Presto’s assistance, my assignments were of the utmost quality. I earned a pass-distinction and I believe I could not have done so well without the assistance provided. I also feel much more confident due to the experience gained, meaning that I have improved my own writing skills at the same time.”

From Angela Cartwright, Team leader for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.